Darius Augulis was born in 1975 in Telsiai, capital of Somogitia.

Mom bought an acoustic guitar for her sons birthday. The budding musician was twelve and from that point his career in music began. Year 2015, has finally graduated from The College has, Teliai and acquired the specialty music teacher.
Darius became connected with music, located in the own recording studio "Acoustic Mode", engaged in creative work - composes music, writes texts, records, produces, learn to master the sound subtleties of design, a lot of experimenting, looking for a distinctive sound and color works, because according to the author, no one I can not say that I am perfect and supposedly everything I know and can do, to be given a lot of time and attention ;)

Personality - charismatic, obstinate, stubborn (this is possibly why Darius is still not married) No criminal convictions.